Environmentally Friendly Methods of Eradicating Bed Bugs

Cimex lectularius, more commonly known as bed bugs, have been living on the planet since at least 400 BC as documented by the Greeks. Since that time, humans have tried many methods of exterminating them including both organic and chemical. Several cultures have come up with a variety of solutions, but because chemical extermination is harmful to humans and has become ineffective on the bed bugs who have built up a genetic immunity to the toxins over the years, and in the interest of maintaining a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, organic or non-chemical approaches have come of interest again. If you need help with this problem don’t hesitate to call the Bed Bug Removal Experts of NYC

Organic means of deterring or killing bed bugs

One of the most popular means of eradication of bed bugs is through the use of bean leaves, which is a method that was introduced by the Balkans long ago. Bean leaves naturally grow a fibrous hair on their exterior, and the custom is that the leaves are laid around a bed in a layered and closed circle in order to block the bed bugs. The leaf circle stops the bed bugs because when the insects try to cross leaves, they get stuck in the hairs on the leaf and the hairs impale the bugs feet and bodies, killing or trapping them. In the morning, the bean leaves are gathered and destroyed or discarded. They bean leaf rings are laid fresh around the bedding areas daily. If you need help with getting rid of these bugs and live in Chicago, contact the bed bug exterminators in Chicago.

Other bio-product options

Another effective product that is naturally derived is diatomaceous earth, which is a sedimentary rock that disintegrates into an extremely small grain powder. The powder is commonly and widely used as an insecticide because of its absorptive qualities. Many insects, including bed bugs, have a waxy exoskeleton through which they absorb moisture to maintain a natural hydration. When Diatomite is coated on their outer shells, usually as they move through it, or if it as been spread over a nesting area, it sticks to the waxy body surface of the bed bug and effectively blocks incoming lipids and absorbs all the moisture that the bug needs to survive, therefore dehydrating the bed bug and killing it. If you need help with this issue in brooklyn NYC – Call the Bed Bug Expert Solutions in Brooklyn- EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Brooklyn


While it doesn’t do anything to kill off all of the bed bugs, it does help to cut down on their numbers and remove them from immediate areas. As long as the vacuum is emptied right away after using it to clean areas where bed bugs have been seen or have nested, it is possible to lessen the recurrence of additional infestations. If you need help with getting rid of these bugs and live in Chicago, contact the bed bug exterminators in Chicago.


The truth about bedbugs

Believe it or not, most people are being misled when it comes to bedbugs.

Most of the time that this misinformation is 100% unintentional, but it’s still just as damaging as if people were lying to you about bedbugs and withholding the critical details you need to know about to get rid of them later down the line.

But that’s why we have created this quick guide.

By using the information below, you are going to be able to easily understand the truth about bedbugs (and what you need to do to get rid of them) – which should make your life a whole lot easier!

Ready to get right to it?

Bedbugs will only attack you at night

This is probably the most common myth or misconception about bedbugs that is spread by a lot of people unintentionally, if only because most people only end up being attacked by bedbugs when they are asleep at night. Contact the Best Bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati

Bedbugs are by no means whatsoever nocturnal creatures, and will attack you whenever they get the chance to – and whenever they are hungry for a bit of human flesh. They can bite at any time, so if you think you’re safe to take a nap on your bedbug infested mattress just because it’s the middle of the day think again – you are still in danger!

Bedbugs cannot be spotted by the naked eye

This one is a little bit on the crazier side of things, as the overwhelming majority of bedbugs out there are about ¼ inch long and look like nasty little ants without all of the antennae.

You will definitely be able to see bedbugs with the naked eye, especially when they clustered together and move around in a swarm. Most of the time you’ll spot younger bedbugs before you find more mature ones. You’ll be able to spot them because they look like tiny little poppy seeds scurrying around on your mattress! If you need help with this and are in the Denver Area, do not hesitate to call the best Bed Bug Exterminator in Denver Colorado.

If you have bites on your body after waking up, it always means bedbugs

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, there are all different kinds of bugs out there that can bite you while you sleep – and even a number of insects out there that won’t bite you with all, but instead implant their live eggs into your body until they hatch (creating the appearance of a bug bite). If you need help with this and are in the Denver Area, do not hesitate to call the best Bed Bug Exterminator in Denver Colorado.

This is why you need to lean on the help and expertise of real professionals to diagnose your specific problem, to provide you with actionable steps and strategies you can use to get rid of them, and handle all of the heavy lifting for you so that you lead a happy, healthy, and bedbug (or insect) free life from here on out! Get the best bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati

How to Treat Bed Bugs Yourself

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate and by far the best way to treat them is to hire a pest control company with experience dealing with these tiny vampires. However it can be extremely expensive and time consuming but don’t hang your head in defeat. With a little hard work and highly experienced help, you can give bed bugs the ultimate ultimatum. Leave or die!

If you live in an apartment or condo, alert your property manager immediately as they may pick up the bill for an expert to assist you in riding these buggers from your home. With a little coordination between yourself, your property manager, and the pest control expert you can eliminate the problem with just a little effort. And since bed bugs travel easily by hitching a ride on you, it is best to assume the infestation with in apartments and condos is not just quarantined to you. The apartments adjoining you may also be infested and most apartments will want to have them inspected for bugs as well to ensure the problem does not spread or become worse.

If you own your home and don’t have property management to fall back on in hopes that you can duck the massive bill, you can attempt treatment yourself. First you have to find out what rooms are infested, and keep in mind that bed bugs like places where people sleep such as beds, sofas, chairs, etc. so be sure to check those places thoroughly. And it is unnecessary to throw away your bed or furniture, which is more expensive to replace than hiring an exterminator and any new item you bring into your home will just become infested as well. Once the problem places are identified, create a safe place where you can sleep without adding to the problem by cleaning your bed and encasing it in a bed bug proof bag. Then set your bed frame up on isolator disks and wash all of your bedding in hot water and dry for at least 30 minutes. If you want a hand with this process, call the Bed Bug Exterminators in Columbus Ohio.

There are no magic pesticides that kill bed bugs extremely well, however when choosing go with a spray as it will give you more control over ensuring that creases and crevasses are treated well. Also have rubbing alcohol on hand as it kills bed bugs on contact if you spot them. The process of treating bed bugs yourself is a long and difficult path, however it can be done with time. If you want a hand with this process, call the Bed Bug Exterminators in Columbus Ohio.



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