Believe it or not, most people are being misled when it comes to bedbugs.

Most of the time that this misinformation is 100% unintentional, but it’s still just as damaging as if people were lying to you about bedbugs and withholding the critical details you need to know about to get rid of them later down the line.

But that’s why we have created this quick guide.

By using the information below, you are going to be able to easily understand the truth about bedbugs (and what you need to do to get rid of them) – which should make your life a whole lot easier!

Ready to get right to it?

Bedbugs will only attack you at night

This is probably the most common myth or misconception about bedbugs that is spread by a lot of people unintentionally, if only because most people only end up being attacked by bedbugs when they are asleep at night. Contact the Best Bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati

Bedbugs are by no means whatsoever nocturnal creatures, and will attack you whenever they get the chance to – and whenever they are hungry for a bit of human flesh. They can bite at any time, so if you think you’re safe to take a nap on your bedbug infested mattress just because it’s the middle of the day think again – you are still in danger!

Bedbugs cannot be spotted by the naked eye

This one is a little bit on the crazier side of things, as the overwhelming majority of bedbugs out there are about ¼ inch long and look like nasty little ants without all of the antennae.

You will definitely be able to see bedbugs with the naked eye, especially when they clustered together and move around in a swarm. Most of the time you’ll spot younger bedbugs before you find more mature ones. You’ll be able to spot them because they look like tiny little poppy seeds scurrying around on your mattress! If you need help with this and are in the Denver Area, do not hesitate to call the best Bed Bug Exterminator in Denver Colorado.

If you have bites on your body after waking up, it always means bedbugs

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, there are all different kinds of bugs out there that can bite you while you sleep – and even a number of insects out there that won’t bite you with all, but instead implant their live eggs into your body until they hatch (creating the appearance of a bug bite). If you need help with this and are in the Denver Area, do not hesitate to call the best Bed Bug Exterminator in Denver Colorado.

This is why you need to lean on the help and expertise of real professionals to diagnose your specific problem, to provide you with actionable steps and strategies you can use to get rid of them, and handle all of the heavy lifting for you so that you lead a happy, healthy, and bedbug (or insect) free life from here on out! Get the best bed bug exterminator in Cincinnati